Meet Dr. Julie Coffey

Uber Health

From a relatively early age Julie was driven to do well at school as she wanted to do something really interesting and worthwhile, She got inspired to be a doctor and started her training at Sheffield University in 1989.

Julie has always been interested in being healthy and was finding medicine increasingly frustrating, as the predominant focus on treating illness is with pills, with little emphasis on maintaining or regaining natural health. It is mainly about ‘managing’ illness rather than taking away the cause and curing the illness. She was also increasingly frustrated at seeing her patients destroy their health with dieting. And all they generally get from their doctor is “eat less, do more”,

In her mid to late 30s Julie started with early osteoarthritis in her knees (leading to a lot pain). She knew conventional medicine had little to offer other than painkillers, and if it got really bad – a joint replacement, like other family members had gone through.

She knew there must be a better way and immersed herself in natural health material, resulting in diet and lifestyle changes. Her knees got better. As a bonus quite a few stubborn pounds in weight melted away almost without effort, and haven’t come back. She had attempted to lose this weight before, without success, and now knew that to lose unwanted fat the focus needs to be on getting healthy. Then weight loss is an inevitable consequence.

Julie’s medical background makes it straight forward sorting the wheat form the chaff when it comes to reviewing the masses of information about what is, and what isn’t healthy. She has parred the information down and put it into everyday language, making it easy for people to understand. She doesn’t teach anything that she isn’t doing herself.

Julie also knew that to achieve good health and ideal weight a person first needed the right mindset. Once that was corrected the necessary diet and lifestyle changes could be achieved relatively easily, thus achieving great health and the ideal weight.

Since her early 30s Julie has spent a lot of time studying and implementing self development to improve her own mindset. Among other things this has enabled her to overcome problems of severe shyness, phobia of public speaking and massive lack of confidence. She was fed up of these things holding her back.

She finally had all of the tools necessary to really help people with their health and weight problems and developed a passion to share this and get people healthy and slim.