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What Is Visceral Fat & How Much Of It Have You Got?

What is visceral fat? Not all body fat is equal, and visceral fat is a really nasty sort to have. Visceral fat is the fat stored within the abdominal cavity, it envelopes the internal organs. Broadly speaking most people fall into two types of body shape if they carry excess fat – apples or pears. […]

How To Lower Triglycerides Naturally

A few weeks ago I told you about Terry, his triglycerides were high. After hearing what that meant for his health he wanted to know how to lower triglycerides naturally. Why Bother To Lower High Triglycerides? When your triglycerides are too high you damage the lining of your arteries, and this results in fatty build ups. As […]

Causes Of High Triglycerides

  Terry is middle-aged and has a bit of a belly on him, and he wants to know the causes of high triglycerides, because he’s just had a blood test and they were found to be pretty high. This test was part of a cholesterol check, and we had a chat about that. You can […]

Reduce Advanced Glycation End Products & Live Longer

Advanced glycation end products (aptly known as AGEs) are often the thing that ends up bringing our lives to an end. So there’s a lot of interest in reducing the build-up of these in the body. The clearest way to see them is by the wrinkles in your skin, but they also show up as […]

Confused About Good Cholesterol Bad Cholesterol?

If you feel a bit confused about where you stand with your cholesterol, it’s no surprise. The goal posts are constantly changing about good cholesterol bad cholesterol – even doctors are confused! Cholesterol is a type of fat, and it is a structural part in every single cell membrane within your body. Why Do You […]

Low Vitamin D Symptoms

Do you get aches and pains in the winter? Did you know that it’s one of the most common low vitamin D symptoms? Vitamin D deficiency is very common but not many people are aware of the problems this causes. Low Vitamin D Symptoms Because vitamin D is essential for strong bones, the biggest problem […]

Can You Be Fat AND Healthy?

You can easily be fit and fat. You only have to exercise regularly and you’ve got that covered. Regardless of your weight, fat or thin, you will be a lot healthier by keeping yourself fit. This has been proved many times with many studies. But can you be just as healthy being overweight compared to […]

Avoid This One Thing & Stay Younger

There is a very common illness in the UK, and other western countries that (if it’s not looked after properly) causes premature ageing. I’m talking about diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where a lot of things are going wrong, one of those is that the body is no longer handling sugar properly. As a consequence […]