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Causes of Low Blood Sugar

In my role as a doctor people often ask me what are the causes of low blood sugar, and it’s not uncommon for them to worry that they have diabetes. But if you’re not already taking diabetes medication one of the most usual causes of low blood sugar is what you’re eating, and not diabetes. How […]

Why Do I Feel Tired All The Time?

I invite a 46 year old woman into my consulting room and after she’s said hello she opens with “Why do I feel tired all the time?” This is easily one of the top 10 reasons people go to see their doctor. Why Do I Feel Tired All The Time? This lady looked pretty fit […]

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Adrenal fatigue symptoms generally aren’t recognised by most doctors. It’s not really a condition that’s on their radar. There is no quick blood test to diagnose it, and there is no medicine to cure it. But it’s something that’s becoming increasingly common with our modern way of life. What Is Adrenal Fatigue? You have 2 […]

4 Ways To Increase Energy

Consistent fatigue and weariness are two of the most common health complaints of adults, many people see their doctor looking for ways to increase energy. Not many of the causes of fatigue have a medical solution though. Each person has a maximum amount of energy available each day, and if you want to increase energy […]

How To Get More Energy In 5 Easy Steps

If you knew how to get more energy you’d be able to get more done each day, get more out of life, and just enjoy yourself more. Wouldn’t that be great? Hydration Imagine a young plant that was wilting on a hot day because it hadn’t been given enough water. If you don’t hydrate yourself […]

Feeling Tired All The Time

Are you feeling tired all the time? This is a really common reason for a person to see their GP. I recently answered a question regarding this issue for my local paper but didn’t have a lot of words to go into much detail. So this week I’m going to let you know one reason […]

How To Start Exercising

“I have no time to exercise!” “I hate exercise!” “Even the thought of exercise feels like hard work, let alone doing it!” These are just a few of the more polite things one of my clients had to say to me about exercise. However, she also recognised that it was only by doing some that […]

I’ll Start Exercising When I’ve Got Some Energy

One of my patients said this to me today. In fact a lot of my patients complain that they have very little energy. They also know that if they did some regular exercise they would have more energy. Some people choose to wait for the energy to arrive first. This puts them into a catch […]

Speeding Up Your Metabolism

I have noticed that a lot of people who come to see me professionally do little exercise. Sometimes I wonder if anyone does any exercise and I have come to the conclusion that they do, they just don’t come to see me very often. A lot of people groan at the thought of exercise as […]