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The Decision To Change Is The First Step

We all want our lives to change, our circumstances to improve, our waist line to shrink, and to have things easy – don’t we? But how often do we make the decision to change? Unfortunately for things to change we have to change, and that’s the stumbling block isn’t it, because changing ourselves isn’t always that easy […]

Your Excess Weight Is A Symptom, But What Is Your REAL Problem?

You may see your problem as excess weight, but if you’ve spent years trying to get rid of it by dieting and exercising without success – your weight isn’t the problem, it’s merely a symptom of something else. You can waste a shed load of time and energy (and probably money too) trying to correct what you perceive as ‘the problem’, but it isn’t a...

Who Is Sabotaging You?

We all know at least one person who tries to sabotage us when we’re trying to make changes to our life. When it comes to losing weight it’s that ‘friend’ who makes you feel guilty for ordering something healthy and passing on pudding. The thing is – on some level your success is threatening to them, […]

Are You The Type Of Person Who Can Lose Weight?

I often get asked for meal plans and recipes. I’ll be honest with you, you’re missing the point if this is the main thing you’re after from me, and it comes down to the actions behind three words carried out in a particular order: Be → Do → Have You want the slimmer healthier body, and to […]

2 Simple Things That Help You Lose Weight

Does what you want for your weight and health seems like an impossibly big jump from where you are now? If it does it probably means you’re spending too much of your energy focusing on what you’ve got right now. To change you need to start shifting your energy away from what you don’t want in […]

Your Body Goes Where Your Mind Leads

Your body will not change until it is led by your mind. Where has your mind been leading your body just lately? Look in the mirror or have health check to find the answer. The fact is just ‘doing’ a diet and/or exercise plan is NOT enough, as many people have emailed me over the years […]

Get Over Your Disappointment & Lose Your Weight

Last week I had a bit to say about disappointment, and how it holds you back from getting out of life what you really want, including getting slimmer. By not setting your sights on what you really want to avoid disappointment, is actually disappointing all in itself. It’s definitely a lose/lose situation! So perhaps it’s […]

I Won’t Aim For Too Much In Case I Get Disappointed

I was speaking to a friend quite recently who mentioned that she didn’t want to set her sights too far about what she wants out of life, in case she ends up disappointed about not achieving what she really wants. But as she was saying it I could sense a certain amount of disappointment anyway. […]

Find The Motivation To Lose Weight

You keep saying you want to change and get healthy, but you can’t seem to summon the motivation to lose weight. You are just not doing it, even though you’ve been thinking you should for quite a long time. What’s stopping you? If your health was a priority, you would find a way to lose […]

What’s Stopping You To Lose Weight Now?

Have you decided to lose weight now? Or are you putting it off until next Monday, or some indeterminate time in the future? Is it something you think you’re going to do, but not yet because it’s not a good time – you’re busy, you’re going on holiday soon, life is a bit stressful at the […]