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Get Over Your Disappointment & Lose Your Weight

Last week I had a bit to say about disappointment, and how it holds you back from getting out of life what you really want, including getting slimmer. By not setting your sights on what you really want to avoid disappointment, is actually disappointing all in itself. It’s definitely a lose/lose situation! So perhaps it’s […]

I Won’t Aim For Too Much In Case I Get Disappointed

I was speaking to a friend quite recently who mentioned that she didn’t want to set her sights too far about what she wants out of life, in case she ends up disappointed about not achieving what she really wants. But as she was saying it I could sense a certain amount of disappointment anyway. […]

How To Not Overeat

It’s pretty hard losing weight when you don’t know how to not overeat isn’t it? There’s loads of reasons why you might be eating too much, and in this article I’m going to give you 4 things that will show you how to not overeat. What Do You Want Instead? So you know you’re eating too much. […]

Healthy Junk Food!

The other day I got asked about ‘healthy junk food’ and at first I giggled, well actually I belly laughed at such a funny question! But then I got to thinking – even really healthy people like a bit of food that’s comforting in some way at times, and that’s one of the things that […]

How To Get Fat Quickly – Part 3

Here we go with the third in the series of how to get fat quickly! This is a bit of fun. This tip is super effective when combined with the last two top tips I shared with you, you’ll find the links below if you missed them. Here’s the content of how to get fat quickly in a […]

How To Get Fat Fast – Part 2

As promised – this is the second in the series of how to get fat fast! This tip is really effective when combined with the last top tip I shared with you, if you missed out click here to catch up!   This tip is super effective at reinforcing your subconscious ‘fat program’, and it […]

Why Would You Give Up Wheat!

Why would you want to give up wheat? People who give up wheat often experience: an uplift in their mood better concentration improved sleep improved menopausal symptoms reducing bloating, i.e. a flatter stomach reduced appetite and consequent weight loss potential elimination of ”hangry’! Last week I wrote about wheat being addictive in some people, so […]

Are You Suffering With Wheat Addiction Without Realising?

Cereals or toast for breakfast, a cake or pastry for elevenses, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta of pizza for dinner – do you have a hidden wheat addiction? You might be surprised to learn that research has shown that wheat addiction is a real thing, and about 30% of people who eat it actually experience withdrawal effects if […]

4 Tips To Move Beyond Your Weight Loss Plateau

Most people who are losing weight will hit a weight loss plateau at some point, sometimes because it’s a normal part of the process, but often because you need to make a tweak or two to your plan. If you look back over a period of time where you have lost a significant amount of […]