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Best Diet to Lose Weight

The best diet to lose weight is the one that is in harmony with your physiology. Your physiology has taken millions of years to get where it is now. If you work with it you won’t have a problem with your weight. The Best Diet to Lose Weight Going back to a time when people […]

Low Fat Diet Plans

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it – cut down on the amount of fat you eat and you should lose weight. Unfortunately as well as not being a whole load of fun this is a good way of losing out on a lot of nutrients too. There are 2 important things to weigh up […]

Muscles & Weight Loss

Weight loss is hard work without a bit of muscle in your body. You can make your job a lot easier by building up a bit of the stuff that feeds off fat. This is something not mentioned by most diets. In fact most diets cause muscle loss - this is one of the reasons why […]

High Protein Diet For Weight Loss – Be Careful

If you’ve had a weight problem for years you will be up for trying anything to shed that excess fat. But if you look behind the headline promises of lost inches and fat what will you find? Diets, like the Atkins diet, tend to be high in saturated fat as well as protein. It’s actually […]

Foods With Good Carbs

Get your carbs wrong and you can easily look as big as the back end of a bus and feel pretty rubbish too. Get them right and say hello to a slim and vibrant body. Why do we need carbohydrates? Carbohydrates should supply us with: Water (the clue is in the name) Energy Fibre Protein […]

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

You would be excused in thinking that it did with all the hype about low fat diets. However, some fats do contribute to an expanding waist line while others actually help us keep trim. I wrote about how fats can aid weight loss here: Lose Weight by Eating Fat This week I’m going to look […]

Lose Weight By Eating Fat

Some fats actually increase our metabolic rate. So making sure we have these in our diet helps us lose weight if we need to. Keeping weight off is easier when these are included in our diet. Increasing our metabolic rate gives us more energy, making us more likely to exercise. This in turn helps with […]

Calorie Counting, Does It Help?

Calorie counting as a way of keeping weight down doesn’t work. It’s easy to count calories, but that’s not the same as burning them. There are lots of things that vary the rate that our bodies burn calories and simply just counting them doesn’t work for very long to keep our weight down. Calories come […]

Paleolithic Diet – Are Today’s Hunter Gatherers Healthy?

People who like their steaks, pork chops and bacon suggest that meat and fats can’t cause health problems as humans have been hunter gatherers since the dawn of time. Accepting that this might be true and ignoring the fact that most of us don’t hunt any more (at great energy and exercise expense) there is usually another […]