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Diet Pills – Are They Useful?

If you can put up with the pretty horrible side effects of this drug what can you hope to gain? How does it work? Orlistat (also known as Xenical & Alli) interferes with the action of an enzyme that breaks down fat. These enzymes are released by your stomach and other parts of your digestive […]

Low Fat Diet Plans

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it – cut down on the amount of fat you eat and you should lose weight. Unfortunately as well as not being a whole load of fun this is a good way of losing out on a lot of nutrients too. There are 2 important things to weigh up […]

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

You would be excused in thinking that it did with all the hype about low fat diets. However, some fats do contribute to an expanding waist line while others actually help us keep trim. I wrote about how fats can aid weight loss here: Lose Weight by Eating Fat This week I’m going to look […]