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Foods With Good Carbs

Get your carbs wrong and you can easily look as big as the back end of a bus and feel pretty rubbish too. Get them right and say hello to a slim and vibrant body. Why do we need carbohydrates? Carbohydrates should supply us with: Water (the clue is in the name) Energy Fibre Protein […]

Paleolithic Diet – Are Today’s Hunter Gatherers Healthy?

People who like their steaks, pork chops and bacon suggest that meat and fats can’t cause health problems as humans have been hunter gatherers since the dawn of time. Accepting that this might be true and ignoring the fact that most of us don’t hunt any more (at great energy and exercise expense) there is usually another […]

Anti Ageing – 1 Way to Combat Free Radicals

Free radical are THE major reason we age, they cause wrinkles on our skin and cause of bodies to deteriorate. Here in the UK we are advised by our government and health service to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg (combined) each day. But why are they so good for us? Our […]