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The Truth About Sugar

Patients come in to my surgery asking if they’re diabetic because often they find themselves feeling tired and shaky, and eating or drinking something sugary makes them feel better. This isn’t diabetes – but it is a potential addiction to sugar. At the very least it’s exposing some food choices within the last few hours […]

2 Biggest Mistakes In Weight Loss

In a recent short interview I did I chatted about a couple of the biggest mistakes in weight loss (there’s a link at the bottom where you can listen to it). If you’re making these, chances are you’re struggling to make good progress on your weight loss journey. Two of The Biggest Mistakes In Weight Loss […]

How To Stop Craving Sugar

One of my Uber Slim clients emailed me towards the end of last year, asking how to stop craving sugar. In fact this is how she put it: I am fairly sure I have an addiction to sugar, and have had it over so many years, ever since I was little. It has got a bit better […]