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Causes of Low Blood Sugar

In my role as a doctor people often ask me what are the causes of low blood sugar, and it’s not uncommon for them to worry that they have diabetes. But if you’re not already taking diabetes medication one of the most usual causes of low blood sugar is what you’re eating, and not diabetes. How […]

The Truth About Sugar

Patients come in to my surgery asking if they’re diabetic because often they find themselves feeling tired and shaky, and eating or drinking something sugary makes them feel better. This isn’t diabetes – but it is a potential addiction to sugar. At the very least it’s exposing some food choices within the last few hours […]

What Causes Wrinkles?

Brilliant news! You have more control over your wrinkles than you thought, and it doesn’t involve spending a fortune on the latest anti-wrinkle cream There is a natural process that happens in your body where glucose (simple sugar in your blood) combines with protein. This process is called glycosylation and is relevant to wrinkles. High […]

Sugar and Cancer

If you eat a lot of sugar, &/or foods that are converted to sugar, you may be increasing your chances of getting cancer. If you already have cancer you may be speeding up its progression by continuing to eat sugar. This is another good reason to get your carbs right. Last week we had an […]

Addicted to Sugar?

Sugar is an addictive substance and some people are more prone to getting hooked than others through no fault of their own. When I refer to sugar I am also referring to white refined carbs, for a recap on these go back to this blog. Natural food, i.e. food in its natural state, before it’s been […]

Low Carb Diet? Do Carbs Make You Fat?

All carbohydrates are not equal, some do indeed make us fat but many don’t and are essential to a well balanced and healthy diet. The major fuel source for your body is glucose. The body maintains a narrow blood glucose range. Too high is toxic to the body, too low and you can’t function When […]