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If you ever eat when you’re not hungry (practically everybody does this), you’ll find this tip useful.

Because food is available 24/7 most of us eat for reasons other than just physical need and hunger. We have many reasons for eating.

Any time you eat when you’re not actually hungry – something else is driving you to eat, usually one emotion or another.

Some people have their fixed routine and eat 3 meals per day at set time, regardless if they’re hungry or not. Other people eat because they’re bored, as a reaction to stress or upset. A really common one is eating because you ‘deserve it’, food can become a reward for a hard day’s work.

Whatever your individual trigger – in the video I explain how that results in the automatic behaviour, whether that’s eating too much at any given time, or eating when you don’t need it. Instead of reacting on autopilot when your particular button has been pressed you want a pre-thought out plan of action.

First of all you need to recognise when you’re eating when you don’t need too – you’ve got to see the problem before you can deal with it. After that it’s about setting yourself up well to choose something different.

Try anything new usually involves making a mistake or two along the way, which is a normal part of learning. Give yourself a break when you mess it up, and start again with a clean slate next time.

Here’s an article I wrote which may help you a bit more:

How to Stop Emotional Eating

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