Welcome to Your 4th Tip!

This week’s tip gives you an insight into the essential ingredients your body needs to burn your excess fat efficiently.

Without them you make it harder to get slim.

What’s making a fire from scratch got to do with losing weight? You’d be surprised by the similarities – I explain in the video.

If you’re overweight you’re sitting on a lot of energy that needs to be ‘set on fire’ for it to reduce in size.

A match makes it a lot easier to start a fire and release the energy in wood or coal. Small ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and many other micronutrients found in real food make it easier for you to light the fire under your fat.

These essential nutrients are stripped out of processed and refined foods – they basically provide you with energy, but not the tools to burn it.

The less tampered with your food is the more of the smaller ingredients that Mother Nature put there (for good reason) will remain. Chose whole-food over man-made crap and rubbish and you’ll be helping your weight loss cause a lot.

This article may help a bit more:

Foods With Good Carbs

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Dr Julie

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