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It’s impossible to be healthy without a healthy metabolism. It’s nearly impossible to lose weight without one.

 Giving your metabolism a good overhaul will not only have you shedding your excess pounds, it will also:

  • Increase your energy
  • Decrease your chance of getting ill
  • Increase the amount of healthy years you’ll have
  • Increase your longevity

It’s too simplistic to think of your metabolism as just how fast you burn calories.

There are two opposing sides to your metabolism:

  1. Anabolic metabolism – related to repair, good health and fat burning
  2. Catabolic metabolism – related to breaking down of your body, preparation for death, and fat storing

The ratio of these two has a lot to do with how much body fat you have.

To lose weight you need to put the brakes of catabolic metabolism. One easy way is to NEVER do a restrictive diet again.

You also need to support your anabolic metabolism – eat real food, increase your muscle mass.

Here’s an article which may help:

Over the Hill & Putting Weight On?

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