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This week’s video is about something so simple and easy, and because it is simple and easy – it’s often overlooked. But simple things work!

Another thing the typical Western diet is short of is fibre. And here’s an example why – white flour has 95% less fibre than its wholegrain counterpart. The same is true for white rice compared to brown.

There is only so much room in your stomach, and when’s it full it’s not that pleasurable to keep eating. Fibre fills that space up.

You need a lot more white rice or white bread to fill up the space, which means you eat more calories to fill full compared with would have happened if you had eaten the brown version.

Also – along with the removal of fibre from the white stuff, many of the small ingredients like vitamins and minerals have been stripped away too. From week 4 you know you need these to lose your weight.

Fibre also helps even out your blood sugar.

It’s another essential ingredient if you want to lose weight.

Here’s an article which may help:

Why Am I Always Hungry?

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