Welcome to Your 12th Tip!

You’ve had a lot of information over the last 11 weeks, but without a plan you’re not going to lose much weight.

It’s time to start tying it all together.

In the first week I asked you to get clear about your end point – imagine that you’re there right now, and consider the steps you took to get there.

You need a plan to close the gap from where you are now and where you intend to go.

When you arrive at your holiday destination – it only came about because you made a plan and followed it through. Now you need a make one for your weight loss.

We’ve covered a lot of things in this mini course, some of which could be part of your plan:

  1. How can you change your diet to make insulin your friend? Do you need to find out more?
  2. How can you increase your intake of the smaller nutrients?
  3. How can you get more of the type of fat in your diet that helps you burn calories?
  4. What will you do to improve your metabolism?
  5. Do you need to get on top of an emotional eating problem?
  6. Do you need more information and help with all of the above?

Don’t worry if your list is long, because this is NOT A DIET, so all things don’t have to change all at once next Monday.

Changing too much in one go is ‘diet mentality’, you need to step away from that now and begin making gradual and sustainable changes.

Here’s an article which may help:

12 Weeks to Great Weight Loss

If you’ve got any questions or comments – pop them in the box below (or contact me on drjulie@uberhealthblog.com), and feel free to share this tip if you’ve found it useful.

I look forward to seeing you in Uber Slim!

Take care

Dr Julie

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