Meet Dr. Julie Coffey

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Hello! I’m Dr Julie Coffey. From a relatively early age I was driven to do well at school as I wanted to do something really interesting and worthwhile. Studying medicine ticked the ‘interesting’ box and I started my training at Sheffield University in 1989. Since 1998 I’ve been a General Practitioner.

I had always kept myself relatively fit, healthy, and trim – so it came as a bit of a shock in my mid-late 30s when my knees started getting increasingly painful. It got to a point where I couldn’t ignore it any longer, my knees sounded like crisp packets and were painful everyday – I had arthritis.

I knew my profession of conventional medicine had little to offer me other than painkillers, and if it got really bad – a joint replacement, like other family members had gone through.

By this time I was already finding conventional medicine increasingly frustrating, as the predominant focus on treating illness was with pills and really invasive treatments like surgery.

Medicine is mainly about ‘managing’ illness and symptoms, rather than taking away the cause and regaining health. It’s like sticking a plaster over a wound, hoping to keep it at bay. I was also getting more and more upset at seeing more and more patients destroy their health with dieting. And all they generally got from their doctor is “eat less, do more”.

I was guilty of dishing this crap advice out back then too.

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It turns out that getting arthritis in my knees was a brilliant thing to happen to me because I guessed I must be doing something wrong to have made it happen at such an early age.

Although I didn’t know the answer I knew there must be one, so I started reading all sorts about health. This might sound funny coming from a doctor, but we’re not taught a great deal about health. We learn about illness and disease, and what medicine to ‘fix’ it with.

The more I read and researched about health the more I felt like I was starting my education again, only this time it wasn’t just amazingly interesting – it was exciting too. Every time something made sense I would make a change. There was no dramatic overnight change in my lifestyle, it happened gradually.

It didn’t take very long for my knees to stop hurting, and by this time I was sleeping better too and had loads more energy. Although I wasn’t what anyone else would have thought of as fat, I felt a bit fat and I couldn’t shift the pounds that had crept on. So I was absolutely delighted to have dropped that weight and get into my favourite jeans that I hadn’t been able to do up for a few years.

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I started sharing my new found knowledge with my patients, but it was really annoying because the 10 minute appointment I get with people isn’t nearly enough to do much more than point people in the right direction. That’s when I decided to start writing a blog, because I just could not shut up about all of this stuff and wanted to share it.

All of my new natural health learning built on my background of nearly two decades of being a family doctor, and about 15 years of my own personal development study. I got really keen with the personal growth stuff because years ago I had little confidence and was very shy. I could barely speak without getting anxious and blushing at times – not fun!

Being like this was holding me back from enjoying life fully, and when I realised I didn’t have to be stuck that way and that I could change all of that, I got help and the information I needed to change. Life has been much more enjoyable since.

All of this together put me into a great positon of helping other people change, I found this really exciting – so had to do something about it and act on it. Writing a blog was my start.

Writing a blog and spouting about natural health and personal change to anyone who would listen got people asking me to write a book – so I did!

Living the Slim Life was the result of that. My medical background made it straight forward to sort the wheat from the chaff when it came to reviewing the masses of information about what is, and what isn’t healthy. I summarised the information and put it into everyday language, making it easy for people to understand. And I don’t teach anything that I don’t do myself.

Online courses and personal weight loss and health coaching was the natural progression to the blog and book. I particularly love working one to one with people.

I absolutely love my Uber Health work. I love being and feeling healthy myself, and I love helping people reach better health and happiness themselves.

The thing that gives me a real buzz is taking someone from their belief of not being able to achieve the health and weight they want, to the point that they know that they can. Once that mind-set is achieved weight loss becomes the natural consequence.

Some people have referred to me as a ‘health guru’, but I don’t identify with this label at all! I’m just a pretty normal person who enjoys food as much as anyone.

I do the ‘right things’ about 80-85%% of the time, which is enough to enjoy great health and my ideal weight. That’s why you might sometimes spot me enjoying not so healthy food in a restaurant and washing it down with fine wine. You might catch me with coffee and cake as I natter to a friend.

I’m not on a diet, but I like eating healthily most of the time. This is pretty easy to do once you’ve cultivated a healthy mind-set.

julie coffey

Most of the time I cook real food from scratch, because I love proper food. I don’t have any hard-core exercise regime – my ‘exercise’ are things that I love doing, like walking my dog Lulu and going to Hot Yoga Sheffield as many days as I can fit it in. You won’t find me in a gym, because that’s not my cup of tea at all!

I’m a bit of a home bird, I love spending time in my house and garden. I enjoy learning – and some of that will pop up on here in a blog.

I invest in myself because I think it’s really important to do that, it helps me get closer to the best version of me – I meet with my accountability partner every week, and I have a mentor and a coach to help keep me on track with my life’s goals.

Great health and effortless ideal weight is part of your whole life. It’s part of the bigger picture of a happy and fulfilled life in my opinion, which is why I personally place great emphasis on all important aspects of my life. I encourage my clients to do the same. Life and health is much more fun when approached like this.

Diets really have no room in my headspace or life. They are not natural, normal, or any fun what-so-ever.

If you like the sound of a holistic approach to health and weight loss why not drop me a line, as it will be great to work with you.

Warm and healthy wishes

Dr Julie Coffey