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Why Is Junk Food Bad For You?

Why is junk food bad for you? It makes you fat and sick! We all know that! Or do we really? We all know smoking is bad for us, and most people who smoke would actually like to stop they KNOW THIS. But do people want to stop eating junk food – I don’t think […]

Why Are Antibiotics In Food?

Last week I touched on how antibiotics cause weight gain. So why are antibiotics in food when we have an obesity epidemic? Most antibiotics sold aren’t for people. In the EU 70% of them are destined for agriculture, even though in 2006 their use was banned as a growth promoting agent (at least in the […]

Can Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain?

Antibiotics are used at shockingly high levels for often trivial infections that would get better on their own, often without fully appreciating all the down sides. Like weight gain. Really? Can antibiotics cause weight gain? Can Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain?     Back in the 60s and 70s scientists were researching how to make animals […]

Why Am I Addicted To Food?

If you know food addiction is a real thing, and you know you’re not in full control of your eating you might have found yourself wondering “why am I addicted to food?” The thing is, you’re not addicted to real food. The problem lies with ‘food’ that isn’t really food at all. ‘Food’ such as […]

NHS Weight Loss – Coming Soon??

A credible and effective NHS weight loss plan doesn’t exist, which is gob-smacking given three facts: The biggest cause of cancer after smoking is obesity The fastest growing disease is type 2 diabetes – caused by obesity. Obesity related diseases are crippling the NHS What’s the government doing about it? Pretty much ***k all. What’s […]

Spotting The Signs Of Food Addiction

Signs of food addiction are remarkably similar to signs of addiction to booze and hard drugs.. In my opinion food addiction is the most common dangerous addiction of all. Dr Julie: “Has it occurred to you you’re addicted to food?” Patient: “Why do you say that????” Along with a horrified look on their face. Dr […]

Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss – Made Easy

Have you tried intermittent fasting for weight loss? Fasting is not a new thing, we’re designed for it. Until relatively recent times in human history eating habits were generally feast or famine. The standard 3 meals per day is a new phenomenon and has become habit for most.     Fasting can help with weight […]

The Biggest Weight Loss Block

If you can’t lose weight it’s because you’re holding onto a weight loss block in your mind, and they don’t come much bigger than doubt. Doubt is literally a gremlin that lives in your mind. It’s like a virus running in your head and it shows up as the internal voice that says things like: […]

Overweight Kids – Who’s Responsible?

Seeing seriously overweight kids in my work as a GP makes me angry, because they could be looking at their lifespan being reduced by up to 20 years!! If a child is obese at 6 years old research shows they’re likely to stay that way. The emotional issues are enough on their own, and dying […]