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The Foundation to Feeling Good

What’s behind the ‘drink 8 glasses of water a day’ message? Facts About Water & Your Body Your body is made up 75% water. About 10 pints of that water is within your blood circulation. But think about how much you weigh, and the fact that 75% of your weight is water. Where is the […]

Are Your Friends and Family Helping You Stay Fat?

How aware are you to how other people influence your eating decisions, especially in social settings? If you’re intending to make a lifestyle change that gets you healthier, like improving your eating, people will either help you or hinder you. People Who Help You These people will probably have a healthy and relaxed relationship with […]

Comfort Eating – What’s At the Route of It?

Have you ever met up with a friend for coffee, intending just to have a coffee, but on seeing the cakes and muffins been thrown into a bit of a spin? You find yourself sat down with a big lump of cake, and you know you’re going to feel guilty when you’ve eaten it. But […]

Are Potatoes Fattening?

I was giving some advice last week to my friends a Poshinc, and the question about potatoes came up. If you’re planning on losing weight it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of potatoes you eat. You don’t have to cut them out altogether, but it’s a good idea to eat them sparingly. Why […]

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Carbohydrates aren’t equal and some really do expand your waist line very well indeed. An important fuel source for your body is glucose. Carbohydrates are broken down and absorbed as glucose. Your body has to maintain a narrow blood glucose range, because if it’s high it’s toxic, and if it’s too low you can’t function. […]

Improve Your Hay Fever Naturally – Part 2

When your adrenal glands are healthy you are less likely to suffer hay fever in the first place, but if you do it won’t be as bad. Your adrenal glands are quite small in sit on top of your kidneys. Their action enables your body to cope with a variety of stress – emotional and […]

Improve Hay Fever Naturally – Part 1

Runny eyes, snotty nose, sneezing all day and snoring at night. Even with medical treatment some people still suffer horribly with hay fever. But did you there is loads you can do yourself to improve you symptoms without drug? I used to suffer moderately with hay fever. I had to use some sort of treatment […]

Give Your Brain a Boost

Think about a house for a minute. Do you want to live in one that’s been built with shoddy or inappropriate materials or one that has been put together with what it’s supposed to be put together with? Most people will want the good quality one, because they’ve got some reassurance that it won’t go […]

Is Your Diet Making Your Brain Smaller?

Would you be surprised to know studies have shown that human brains have got smaller over the last century? This change has been put down to our changed diet which is no longer supplying us with enough of the things vital for optimum brain function. One really important thing that has changed is the quality […]

1 Simple Way To Lose Weight

The easiest way to get healthier, and a simple way to lose weight, is simply to move around a bit more, and the easiest way to do this is to walk a bit more than you do now. The small populations of hunter gatherers that still exist walk about 6-10km/day. If you measured that on […]