Back To School Special Offer!

Summer is drawing to a close and we are entering the final third of the year, making it a time of fantastic opportunity to decide to finish the year strong with regards your health and weight loss goals.

You’ve got more than enough time to make a BIG difference to your weight and health between now and the end of the year.

It is completely realistic to be starting 2017 significantly lighter than you are today.

Imagine how much healthier you will feel.

Imagine how good you will feel.

What will it be like to get into clothes you haven’t been able to get into for some time?

This all starts with the decision you make NOW!

Is your decision to continue on the same path (or maybe put more weight on), or is your decision to feel great about yourself by the end of this year?

I’m going to give a limited number of people the opportunity to get something very special from me between now and then.

I’m currently writing my second book which is focused on the most important aspect of weight loss – the changes you need to make in your mind. I was inspired to write this book at this particular time as I’ve recently gone through some major emotional upheaval and needed to draw on everything I knew about mind-set to stay afloat, and then some!

Weight issues are emotional too, and the techniques I’ve applied to myself to get out of a deep hole are exactly the same ones that will get you out of the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and the unhappiness of being overweight.

Your mind-set is the most important part of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss because nothing lasting can happen to your body until your mind has gone there first – then your body cannot help but follow.

When you’ve cracked this bit, weight loss is actually pretty easy.

I want to make sure I’m covering everything in my next book when it comes to the mind change required for permanent weight loss. I intend to leave no stone unturned, which is why I am going to work with a small group of people who are serious about losing weight between now and the end of the year.

I’m expecting you to challenge me with lots of questions. In turn I will be challenging you to make the changes you need to make in your mind.

So my offer to you is – invest in Uber Slim Premier right now and get:

  • Uber Slim – my 12 week online weight loss course (£59)
  • Uber Energy – my online course designed to give your energy levels a massive boost (£15)
  • The first 5 people to jump in will get a free copy of my first book Living the Slim Life (£12)

But this is the really special bit to this exclusive offer – I’ll be giving you weekly input where I will be sharing with you information from my forthcoming second weight loss book, which will really boost your efforts and have you losing your weight (I usually charge £50 per month for small group work like this).

This will be done online (and recorded so you can take part at your convenience).

A small number of people can snap this up by going to and investing in Uber Slim Premier.

This offer will close at midnight on Wednesday 14th September at the latest, but probably sooner because once I’ve filled the available places I’m closing this offer. So take your chance now and don’t miss out because I won’t be making an offer like this again, that’s for absolutely sure!

I am making this one-time completely special offer right now to help you lose weight between now and the end of the year, and there are only limited places – are you going to take one of them, or are you going to be carrying around the same amount of excess weight at Christmas as you are now?

Contact me if you’ve got any questions, I’ll personally get back to you.