The best diet to lose weight is the one that is in harmony with your physiology. Your physiology has taken millions of years to get where it is now. If you work with it you won’t have a problem with your weight.

The Best Diet to Lose Weight

Going back to a time when people didn’t have shops to get their food, food wasn’t in regular supply. Sometimes there would be lots available – times of feast. Other times food would be scarce – time of famine.

During times of famine your metabolism would slow down to conserve energy, you wouldn’t burn calories unless you really needed to. These days you can re-create that physiological response by going on a diet.

In times of plenty people would be eating a diet high in fat with a good amount of protein. They wouldn’t be eating lots of carbs, and sugar would only be a seasonal thing – when fruit was on the trees.

When you eat a diet high in fat with a good amount of protein you are sending this message to your body ‘Times Are Good!’ When your body get this message it increases your metabolism and you burn more calories. You also feel better because you have more energy.

A Spanner in the Works

Eating a high fat AND a high carbohydrate diet does not help you lose weight. In fact this is a good recipe to put plenty of weight on. A combination of fat and carbs is not a natural diet for you, so your body doesn’t respond very well if you feed yourself on this, hence the weight gain.

More about this next week when I share with you a typical meal I eat, and explain the pros and cons (I’m very good, but not perfect!)

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Have a fantastic week

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Dr Julie

PS  Thank you to Diana and Amber, and your lovely ladies, at Posh Fit for making me feel so welcome last week when I did a talk for you.