Can’t Lose Weight – Is This Roadblock In Your Way?

can't lose weight

As a doctor I often have to bring the issue of excess weight up with my patients, because often it’s relevant to the disease or illness they’ve come in to see me with.

Obviously, most people have tried to lose weight already, and a common reply to me is “I’ve tried everything, I can’t lose weight, nothing works!”

Unfortunately a statement like this is a HUGE roadblock placed in the way of progress to a healthier life.

What the person really means is that everything they have tired so far hasn’t worked, or at least not for long.

When you say to yourself “nothing works, I can’t lose weight” you are closing your mind to the possibility that there is indeed an answer to your problem, you just haven’t found it yet.

When your mind is closed, because of the frame of mind you’ve put yourself it – you will miss possibilities and potential opportunities as they come your way.

I met someone who had a phobia of spiders and said she had tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked, and had therefore accepted that she would always have this phobia. In this closed state of mind she walked past a hypnotherapy studio every day, without properly noticing they were specialists in phobia cures. She had never even thought to go in and try it because ‘she had already tried everything and nothing works’.

The point here is, if you are saying to yourself “nothing works, I can’t lose weight”, you are in effect accepting that you will be overweight forever, and closing your mind to the possibility of anything else.

Stop saying this to yourself!

Say something more empowering like “something will work for me, I just haven’t come across it yet”. This will keep your mind open to possibilities, and you are therefore much more likely to see opportunities as they come along.

Have an Uber Healthy week!

Dr Julie

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