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What To Give Up To Lose Weight

I often get asked by my patients and clients “what to give up to lose weight?” I could say – refined sugar, refined carbs, and processed ‘food’. Because if people did this, chances are high they’d lose their weight. However, the question “what to give up to lose weight?” is entrenched in diet mentality. Sticking […]

Not Losing Weight And Tried Everything!

In a recent survey my readers told me that lack of will power is a big reason for not losing weight. Lack of will power is not usually the case, evident by success in other areas of your life. Will power doesn’t work for weight loss. You’re not losing weight for other reasons, but it’s […]

Moving Beyond Fat And Depressed

Fat and depressed? It can be a miserable place to be. You might feel stuck and helpless to get out of the rut you’re in. But there is something you can do to get the ball rolling, and it’s pretty easy as you’ll see. Fat and Depressed If you’re fat and depressed, your low mood […]

The Biggest Weight Loss Block

If you can’t lose weight it’s because you’re holding onto a weight loss block in your mind, and they don’t come much bigger than doubt. Doubt is literally a gremlin that lives in your mind. It’s like a virus running in your head and it shows up as the internal voice that says things like: […]

Excuses For Not Losing Weight

As a GP I’ve heard tons of reasons and excuses for not losing weight and I offered a free book in my newsletter last week if anyone could give me one I hadn’t heard. I haven’t been to the post office – but if you think you might have one, let me know it! In […]

Diets Don’t Work For Weight Loss

There is just so much evidence right in front of us every single day that diets don’t work, but still they are most people’s ‘go to’ when it comes to losing weight. Maybe that’s because we all love a shortcut. If diets really worked would there be a need to keep promoting them? If they […]

Using Food For Comfort – Where Does It Start?

If you’re using food for comfort I wonder if it’s ever occurred to you that you’ve been trained into it. A great friend told me about a moment of realisation she had with her toddler. He’d fallen down and hurt his knee. His reaction was to ask to food, and she suddenly thought “OMG, I’m […]

Losing Weight – The Missing Secret

Losing weight is one of those simple but not necessarily easy things to do. That’s because you don’t know the missing secret yet, and you’re up against two powerful adversaries: Your habits that trip you up every time you get around to losing weight The environment – especially the food and diet industry, losing weight […]

How Do I Lose Weight?

How do I lose weight? Easily the most common question I get asked! Usually when people ask me this they do it with a pretty despondent tone, because they’ve tried loads of things before and nothing has worked for very long. I can see why people get to the point where they think they just […]