feeling tired all the time

Are you feeling tired all the time? This is a really common reason for a person to see their GP.

I recently answered a question regarding this issue for my local paper but didn’t have a lot of words to go into much detail. So this week I’m going to let you know one reason why you might be feeling tired all the time.

Do You Drink Tea or Coffee?

If you answered yes, this might be contributing to you feeling tired all the time.

But surely you drink caffeine to give your energy! This doesn’t make sense!

Unfortunately it’s a common mistake to think caffeine gives you energy. It doesn’t, it borrows energy from your reserves.

It does this by stimulating your adrenal glands (small glands sitting on top of your kidneys). It causes them to release hormones, one being adrenalin. This causes your system to release glucose into your blood stream, giving you a lift.

So what’s the problem with this?

Before modern day life, your adrenals would get stimulated by ’emergency’ situations, e.g. getting chased by an animal wanting to eat you. This would trigger your flight or fight response – pumping glucose into your system for explosive muscular activity.

The same thing happens in response to caffeine.

Your adrenals aren’t supposed to have this kind of stimulation on a regular basis, several times/day. They get tired. And when this happens, so do you.

Unfortunately a lot of people respond to this tiredness but drinking more caffeine, this makes the problem worse.

Reduce Caffeine and Have More Energy

Many of the people doing Uber Slim, my online weight loss program, either reduce or stop caffeine. After several weeks they are rewarded with increased energy. There are two reasons for this

  1. Their adrenals are recovering from over-use
  2. They have better quality sleep.

If you drink a lot of caffeine, over 3 cups/day, this could be affecting you. I wouldn’t recommend stopping all at once as this can trigger a withdrawal reaction. This can be very unpleasant. Cutting down gradually over several weeks is a better way of doing it. Drinking more water helps with this.

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What do you think of this? What are your views on caffeine and why do you drink it?

Have a Uber Healthy week!

Dr Julie