If hot flushes were entirely due to lack of oestrogen, wouldn’t men and young children have them too? Obviously lack of oestrogen isn’t the whole story here.

The menopause can wreak complete havoc to some women when it hits. Hot flushes are the commonest problem.

Menopausal symptoms are pretty much accepted as a normal thing in Western countries and the pharmaceutical industry makes a fortune out of it.

Hot Flushes – Common but Not Normal

When going through the transition of menopause the process is a lot LOT easier if your adrenal glands are in good shape. Healthy adrenal glands will pick up where the ovaries left off by producing needed hormones to keep the wheels on your cart.

If your adrenal glands aren’t in good shape the transition can be complete hell – hot flushes and all the rest of it.

Women with healthy adrenals at menopause sail through this time with minimal problems, minimal hot flushes – this is how it is supposed to be. Just because symptoms are common, it doesn’t make them normal.

Exhausted Adrenal Glands

So what is it that happens to your adrenals to make them fail you when you feel like you need them most?

Your adrenal glands can become exhausted after years of unknowing abuse. They get exhausted because certain things you do over-stimulates them, so basically they can’t function properly any more.

There are a number of things that can exhaust your adrenals over the years, here are 3 common ones.

  1. Eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates, especially refined white carbs and sugar
  2. Use of stimulants like caffeine and nicotine – they really hammer your poor adrenal glands
  3. Long term lack of sleep

Ideally you want to get these things corrected before you start with symptoms, because it takes a while to do. However, if you’ve missed the boat you can still help yourself by making some changes:

  1. Reduce or cut out the white refined carbs and sugar
  2. Reduce stimulants, like caffeine, to a minimum
  3. Do what you can to improve your sleep – click here for help

Oh, and the reason HRT is the most common treatment offered – lots of money to be made by pharmaceutical industry.

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