over the hill
Why is it that when you hit 40 the pounds start piling on and you start feeling like there’s truth in the saying “over the hill”?

Not only that but you start to experience some aches and pains and you can’t cope with alcohol so well – your hangovers are getting worse.

Over The Hill – Why Does it Happen?

A lot of patients I see assume this is down to age, saying things like “I guess it’s because I’m getting older and I should expect things like this”. Err… no. You shouldn’t expect all of this solely down to your age, not at all.

These things are largely due to you beginning to lose your healthy metabolism.

When you don’t look after your metabolism your body starts a long drawn out shut down, which has you getting fatter for one thing. But it also means your body ages quicker than it ought to.

The fact is you can hold onto your healthy metabolism until you are a good deal older. For example – populations who still live primitive lives in terms of diet and lifestyle routinely live until 100+. In addition they do this without all the diseases people suffer in Westernised countries. They also do it without getting fat. Food for thought.

Over The Hill – Let’s Get Back Up!

There are 2 key area to getting your metabolism fighting fit again.

Raw materials. You are what you eat, both physically and mentally. Eating what your body needs (and leaving out the toxic rubbish) is vital. There is only so long that your body can be well without the right raw materials.

Muscles. Last week I wrote about muscles being your key to burning fat. They are also key to getting your metabolism back to full health. Active muscles send hormonal messages of vitality to your brain. Your brain, in turn, sends hormonal messages of vitality back to all parts of your body.

When these two things are right you get onto and upward spiral of health, feeling fantastic, and of course – fat loss.


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Until next week

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Dr Julie