scared of fat

How can I get over the guilt factor of allowing myself to enjoy fat after a life time of reciting the fat free mantra?. I ate an avocado the other day and was eaten up with guilt.

This is a great question about last week’s blog, and I’d like to go into the answer a bit deeper as it raises a really important issue that lots of people struggle with.

This question demonstrates a problem with the mindset, which is probably deep-rooted. Mindset problems are actually at the route of most people’s struggles with their weight.

On one level the avocado is seen as a healthy thing to eat, and indeed it is. But on a deeper level guilt kicks in when one is eaten. Other people might not even get as far as eating it. What’s going on here?

Your Subconscious Mind Holds the Key

Your brain is a bit like a computer hard drive. Your habits (and consequent behaviour) are like software programs on your computer, e.g. Windows

Your subconscious stores your ‘programs’ and habits

If something isn’t working right on your computer, you change the software. Job done. The principle is the same with us, although it usually takes longer to make the change.

Old Habits Can Be Deeply Engrained

Low fat is obviously the subconscious program still running here, its effect is being felt by the guilt of having eaten a ‘fattening’ avocado.

Think about where this has come from, and how often you’ve heard this message – absolutely loads and loads of times. You may have heard it from people you think know what they’re talking about. You have probably been hearing it for years and years – this is a well trodden path in your mind.

Compare that to the relatively new information of ‘fat is good’. You might have been told about this, or read about this, and on a conscious level agree with this. However, your subconscious programming hasn’t changed so you can’t act on this new info and feel right.

Developing New Habits

This takes repetition. You need to repeatedly put this new information into your mind. Asking a question on my blog shows you are thinking and engaging your mind, so you are streaks ahead of most people already. Consider the answer I gave last week, and the info in this blog. Mull it all over, have your own thoughts about it.

Whenever the old habit comes up, accept what it is – a faulty program that needs changing. Say something to yourself like “You are an old habit, you are trying to help but it’s time for me to move on”. Remind yourself about all the reasons why healthy fat is so good.

When you keep doing this kind of thing over and over again you will leave the old low fat rubbish behind and enjoy tasty, healthy food 🙂

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I love getting your feedback and questions, have you any about this week’s blog?

Have an Uber Healthy week

Dr Julie