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Avoid This One Thing & Stay Younger

There is a very common illness in the UK, and other western countries that (if it’s not looked after properly) causes premature ageing. I’m talking about diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where a lot of things are going wrong, one of those is that the body is no longer handling sugar properly. As a consequence […]

Hungry All The Time

How do you lose weight, and be happy, if you’re hungry all the time? I’m referring to people who eat a lot AND feel hungry all the time. There are generally two reasons for this to happen: You are eating food that is driving your appetite Your emotions are driving you to eat. This week I’ll […]

What is Ketosis and a Ketogenic Diet?

  In short it’s a diet that is a lot closer to what your human physiology has evolved to eat, and many experts think this is a far healthier way to eat compared with modern carb-laden diets. Ketosis, in a nutshell, is the state in which your body is burning fat for energy instead of […]

What Causes Wrinkles?

Brilliant news! You have more control over your wrinkles than you thought, and it doesn’t involve spending a fortune on the latest anti-wrinkle cream 🙂 There is a natural process that happens in your body where glucose (simple sugar in your blood) combines with protein. This process is called glycosylation and is relevant to wrinkles. […]

Addicted to Sugar?

Sugar is an addictive substance and some people are more prone to getting hooked than others through no fault of their own. When I refer to sugar I am also referring to white refined carbs, for a recap on these go back to this blog. Natural food, i.e. food in its natural state, before it’s been […]

Low Carb Diet? Do Carbs Make You Fat?

All carbohydrates are not equal, some do indeed make us fat but many don’t and are essential to a well balanced and healthy diet. The major fuel source for your body is glucose. The body maintains a narrow blood glucose range. Too high is toxic to the body, too low and you can’t function When […]