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Risk Factors For Breast Cancer & How To Reduce Them

As a doctor I know how common breast cancer is, and that it’s becoming more common. But the really positive thing is that many of the risk factors for breast cancer are under your control, and that’s where I’m going to concentrate with this article. Breast cancer is becoming more and more common in Western countries, and that’s […]

Risks of Obesity – Are You Playing With Fire?

I watched a program a little while ago about fashion for the larger women, and I must admit I had very mixed feelings about it because the risks of obesity weren’t mentioned. On the one hand I thought it was great that these young women were embracing their own bodies, and refusing to be defined […]

Creating Your Own Cancer Treatment Plan

I recently read Nina Joy’s book – The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick. It’s a great little book written by an inspirational lady. Nina got diagnosed with incurable breast cancer in 2012 and wasn’t given a rosy outlook by her doctors. She was offered ‘palliative chemotherapy’. This means cure wasn’t the goal, just a slowing […]

How To Prevent Cancer

Imagine this – there was a terrible storm and your home got flooded, causing massive damage to many things you hold dear. It had a terrible effect on you and your family. How do you feel knowing this could have been prevented? Here in the UK we have a lot of that going on in […]

Easy Way to Slash Your Chance of Getting Cancer

If you are like a lot of people you might have a little worry in the back of your mind about getting cancer. Apparently 1 in 3 in the UK gets some sort of cancer during their lifetime so it’s a reasonable concern. Figures are very similar for most western countries. Are there things you […]

Sugar and Cancer

If you eat a lot of sugar, &/or foods that are converted to sugar, you may be increasing your chances of getting cancer, because there’s a link between sugar and cancer. If you already have cancer you may be speeding up its progression by continuing to eat sugar. This is another good reason to get your […]

Prevention of Breast Cancer; Naturally or Surgically?

The treatments on offer from conventional medicine for established cancer are pretty horrific in most cases. Angelina Jolie’s case makes if very evident that even preventative measures can be awful. It doesn’t bear thinking what she must have gone through to come to that decision and then go through with it. But is there a […]