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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering cholesterol naturally is topical because as medical guidelines regularly change about who ‘needs’ statins, more and more people are finding themselves being advised they need to take them. Some people want to be a bit more proactive when it comes to their health and avoid side effects of drugs. So instead of treating symptoms with […]

Does Chicken Make You Fat?

Does chicken make you fat? Not a question I hear very often, but I do often wonder where it comes from that chicken is a healthier option. According to the US Department of Agriculture, about 100 years ago a single serving of chicken contained enough fat to provide 16 calories. Now you get around 200 calories […]

How To Lower Triglycerides Naturally

A few weeks ago I told you about Terry, his triglycerides were high. After hearing what that meant for his health he wanted to know how to lower triglycerides naturally. Why Bother To Lower High Triglycerides? When your triglycerides are too high you damage the lining of your arteries, and this results in fatty build ups. As […]

Causes Of High Triglycerides

  Terry is middle-aged and has a bit of a belly on him, and he wants to know the causes of high triglycerides, because he’s just had a blood test and they were found to be pretty high. This test was part of a cholesterol check, and we had a chat about that. You can […]

Confused About Good Cholesterol Bad Cholesterol?

If you feel a bit confused about where you stand with your cholesterol, it’s no surprise. The goal posts are constantly changing about good cholesterol bad cholesterol – even doctors are confused! Cholesterol is a type of fat, and it is a structural part in every single cell membrane within your body. Why Do You […]

Is Your Diet Making Your Brain Smaller?

Would you be surprised to know studies have shown that human brains have got smaller over the last century? This change has been put down to our changed diet which is no longer supplying us with enough of the things vital for optimum brain function. One really important thing that has changed is the quality […]

Statin Side Effects – Is Your Memory Getting Worse?

  Have you ever felt like your doctor didn’t quite believe what you said to them? Years ago when patients would ask me what the statin side effects were I would reply with my bog standard response. “Most people are ok with these, the worst thing that could happen is a few muscle aches, and […]

Margarine vs Butter. What’s Best If You’ve Had a Heart Attack?

“Stay away from abnormal and processed fats” This is one of my parting shots to people who take part in my online courses when we get to “fat week”. British Medical Journal Article – Saturated Fat & Heart Disease Dr Malhotra’s article in the BMJ – ‘Saturated Fat is Not the Issue’ highlights an important issue. Scientists know […]

High Protein Diet For Weight Loss – Be Careful

If you’ve had a weight problem for years you will be up for trying anything to shed that excess fat. But if you look behind the headline promises of lost inches and fat what will you find? Diets, like the Atkins diet, tend to be high in saturated fat as well as protein. It’s actually […]

Paleolithic Diet – Are Today’s Hunter Gatherers Healthy?

People who like their steaks, pork chops and bacon suggest that meat and fats can’t cause health problems as humans have been hunter gatherers since the dawn of time. Accepting that this might be true and ignoring the fact that most of us don’t hunt any more (at great energy and exercise expense) there is usually another […]