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Commonest Causes Of Gallstones

While I was at medical school I thought getting gallstones had a lot to do with being ‘fair fat and forty’, because that’s what was peddled by consultant surgeons (not very PC back then)! What I didn’t know back then was that most people who eat a Western diet have gallstones. And most of us […]

Low Fat Dairy Products Are NOT Healthy!

One of the things my Uber Slim clients struggle to get their heads around at the beginning of the course is to never buy ANY low fat dairy products again! We Are Designed to Eat Natural Food The body you have is the result of millions of years of evolution. Part of that involved developing […]

Cosmetic & Health Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss Diets

As a GP I sometimes find myself helping people pick up the pieces after they’ve been doing rapid weight loss diets. I completely understand why people want to lose weight really quickly, really I do. But before you decide to tackle your weight problem in this way, take a minute to check out the potential […]

Risks of Obesity – Are You Playing With Fire?

I watched a program a little while ago about fashion for the larger women, and I must admit I had very mixed feelings about it because the risks of obesity weren’t mentioned. On the one hand I thought it was great that these young women were embracing their own bodies, and refusing to be defined […]