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Low Fat Dairy Products Are NOT Healthy!

One of the things my Uber Slim clients struggle to get their heads around at the beginning of the course is to never buy ANY low fat dairy products again! We Are Designed to Eat Natural Food The body you have is the result of millions of years of evolution. Part of that involved developing […]

How To Eat To Lose Weight

When you’re embarking on a weight loss journey it’s much better to learn how to eat to lose weight, rather than getting hung up on what you supposedly can’t eat. Because when you concentrate on how to eat to lose weight, there won’t actually be too much room left for the foods that really do […]

8 Dangers Of A Fat Free Diet

Our hunter gatherer ancestry gives a clue that fat free diets aren’t what we’re made for. Prior to agriculture becoming prevalent, the human diet was high in natural fats, and low carb. The opposite to what many people are eating today. There are several small groups of hunter gatherer even today, still eating what our ancestors […]

Can’t Lose Weight? Could This Be a Reason? Part 2

So I’m in a state of almost frantic huger, almost at the point of losing all common sense and eating whatever is close to hand, even if I know it will make me fat – it doesn’t matter, I just need to eat! Refined carbs release their energy, as glucose, very quickly once they hit […]

Can’t Lose Weight? Could This Be a Reason?

  Do you ever experience ravenous hunger that must be satisfied right now, or you might pull someone’s head off? It happened to me the other day and I wanted to share this with you, as it may help you if you are trying to lose weight. I noticed something on this particular day and […]

Diet Pills – Are They Useful?

If you can put up with the pretty horrible side effects of this drug what can you hope to gain? How does it work? Orlistat (also known as Xenical & Alli) interferes with the action of an enzyme that breaks down fat. These enzymes are released by your stomach and other parts of your digestive […]

Low Fat Diet Plan

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it – cut down on the amount of fat you eat with a low fat diet plan and you should lose weight. Unfortunately as well as not being a whole load of fun this is a good way of losing out on a lot of nutrients too. There are 2 […]

Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible meal later on. Is this really the route to long term health and your ideal weight? I was asked by a valued friend to give my opinion on a video explaining the science behind these shakes. Before I get into that I would like […]

Foods With Good Carbs

Get your carbs wrong and you can easily look as big as the back end of a bus and feel pretty rubbish too. Get them right and say hello to a slim and vibrant body. Why do we need carbohydrates? Carbohydrates should supply us with: Water (the clue is in the name) Energy Fibre Protein […]