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8 Dangers Of A Fat Free Diet

Our hunter gatherer ancestry gives a clue that fat free diets aren’t what we’re made for. Prior to agriculture becoming prevalent, the human diet was high in natural¬†fats, and low carb. The opposite to what many people are eating today. There are several small groups of hunter gatherer even today, still eating what our ancestors […]

Cosmetic & Health Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss Diets

As a GP I sometimes find myself helping people pick up the pieces after they’ve been doing rapid weight loss diets. I completely understand why people want to lose weight really quickly, really I do. But before you decide to tackle your weight problem in this way, take a minute to check out the potential […]

Best Diet to Lose Weight

The best diet to lose weight is the one that is in harmony with your physiology. Your physiology has taken millions of years to get where it is now. If you work with it you won’t have a problem with your weight. The Best Diet to Lose Weight Going back to a time when people […]

Get Away With Over-Indulging at Christmas

To all my readers who celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas and best wishes for a lovely day. Are you someone who puts weight on at this time of year? Maybe you’ve started making some changes and it won’t happen this year If not – perhaps next year will be different. There are 2 things that […]

Increase Metabolism & Lose Weight

  To increase metabolism you need a healthy liver. Your liver is another key player when it comes to a great fat-burning metabolism. Last week I mentioned your muscles as being one of your BIG allies when it comes to fat burning, but they can’t increase metabolism on their own. Without a healthy liver you’ll […]

Over the Hill & Putting Weight On?

Why is it that when you hit 40 the pounds start piling on and you start feeling like there’s truth in the saying “over the hill”? Not only that but you start to experience some aches and pains and you can’t cope with alcohol so well – your hangovers are getting worse. Over The Hill […]

Middle-Aged Spread – What You Can Do

You reach your mid 30s and early 40s and all of a sudden you think – “How the **** did this happen?!?” A bit of weight tends to go on over the years, and then a bit more. It doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere, and even worse – it keeps going on no […]

I’ll Start Exercising When I’ve Got Some Energy

One of my patients said this to me today. In fact a lot of my patients complain that they have very little energy. They also know that if they did some regular exercise they would have more energy. Some people choose to wait for the energy to arrive first. This puts them into a catch […]

Juicing and Weight Loss

So how does drinking freshly made fruit and vegetable juices fit into your healthy weight loss plan? In a nutshell they support your metabolism, and it is only when you have got your metabolism sorted that you can lose fat and keep it off long term. Much of what people eat these days is refined, […]