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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

This is such a common question I get asked at work, so if you find yourself asking it you’re in good company. After asking a few questions, it nearly always becomes very obvious to me why the person in front of me can’t lose weight. Here are the top 5 reasons: They are trying to […]

Muscle And Weight Loss

Weight loss is hard work without a bit of muscle in your body, which is why muscle and weight loss are like best friends. You can make your job of weight loss a lot easier by building up a bit of the stuff that feeds off fat. This is something not mentioned by most diets. In fact […]

Yo Yo Diet – why does the fat come back so fast?

You know the feeling.. you’ve done really well on your latest diet. But then you cave in and BOOM – as if by magic you’ve put it all back on, AND MORE, in what seems like a few days. How is this even possible?? But anyone who’s on the yo yo diet treadmill know this […]

Lose Weight By Eating Fat

Some fats actually increase our metabolic rate. So making sure we have these in our diet helps us lose weight if we need to. Keeping weight off is easier when these are included in our diet. Increasing our metabolic rate gives us more energy, making us more likely to exercise. This in turn helps with […]

Calorie Counting, Does It Help?

Calorie counting as a way of keeping weight down doesn’t work. It’s easy to count calories, but that’s not the same as burning them. There are lots of things that vary the rate that our bodies burn calories and simply just counting them doesn’t work for very long to keep our weight down. Calories come […]

How To Improve Mood: Exercise for Depression

Something I have noticed when seeing patients is a strong link between being unhappy with their weight and being generally unhappy. The good news for people who are unhappy with their weight and feeling miserable is that exercise helps both. You don’t have to be depressed and miserable for exercise to boost your mood though, […]

Speeding Up Your Metabolism

I have noticed that a lot of people who come to see me professionally do little exercise. Sometimes I wonder if anyone does any exercise and I have come to the conclusion that they do, they just don’t come to see me very often. A lot of people groan at the thought of exercise as […]