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Diet Drinks and Weight Gain

I had a rare gin and tonic in the pub with my sister the other day. When the bar tender asked if we wanted ‘skinny’ tonic we both immediately said “NO WAY!” Our complete avoidance of diet drinks is one of the reasons we’re both slim, I’ve no doubt about that at all. You see, […]

Carbonated Drinks And Osteoporosis

Is your regular fix of carbonated drinks really worth risking your bones? If you’ve experienced a broken bone you know you won’t want another one, and are unlikely to want to increase your chances of having another. There are 2 things in fizzy drinks that are bad for bones – phosphoric acid and caffeine. So […]

Can Your Diet Make Your Bones Soft?

It’s funny that the countries that generally have a high intake of calcium, via lots of animal protein and diary, have the biggest problem of osteoporosis too. Why is that? To answer that we have to have a look at how the body works. Your body’s pH is tightly controlled; it is ever so slightly […]