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2 Biggest Mistakes In Weight Loss

In a recent short interview I did I chatted about a couple of the biggest mistakes in weight loss (there’s a link at the bottom where you can listen to it). If you’re making these, chances are you’re struggling to make good progress on your weight loss journey. Two of The Biggest Mistakes In Weight Loss […]

How To Stop Craving Sugar

One of my Uber Slim clients emailed me towards the end of last year, asking how to stop craving sugar. In fact this is how she put it: I am fairly sure I have an addiction to sugar, and have had it over so many years, ever since I was little. It has got a bit better […]

5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

In my experience of talking to people who have lost weight, a lot of them have one thing in common – they’ve kept things simple, and kept doing simple things. Here are a few quick weight loss tips. Pick two that you think will have the biggest impact on you, and start doing them (and […]

Obesity And Diabetes – The Common Denominator

Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. As obesity rates increase, so does diabetes. And that’s no surprise as the cause of both is the same in most people. (I’ll be referring to type 2 diabetes in this blog) Obesity And Diabetes – The Common Denominator Pre agriculture humans ate a diet high in fat and […]

Reduce Advanced Glycation End Products & Live Longer

Advanced glycation end products (aptly known as AGEs) are often the thing that ends up bringing our lives to an end. So there’s a lot of interest in reducing the build-up of these in the body. The clearest way to see them is by the wrinkles in your skin, but they also show up as […]

Risk Factors For Breast Cancer & How To Reduce Them

As a doctor I know how common breast cancer is, and that it’s becoming more common. But the really positive thing is that many of the risk factors for breast cancer are under your control, and that’s where I’m going to concentrate with this article. Breast cancer is becoming more and more common in Western countries, and that’s […]

Get Type 3 Diabetes & Lose Your Marbles

It’s long been known that dementia and Alzheimer’s are related to a shrinkage in brain size. A number a factors contribute to this shrinkage, and one of the biggies is glycation in the brain. You don’t need to have type 1 or type 2 diabetes to end up suffering with type 3 diabetes, which affects […]

What Is Prediabetes?

A patient asked me – “what is prediabetes?” after coming in to discuss their recent abnormal blood test results. The short answer is that it’s a wake up – you’re health is deteriorating and will get worse if you don’t do something about it. BUT you’ve got time to reverse it and get well again. […]

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

To understand how type 2 diabetes can be reversed you need to know a little bit about how your body works, and why your body has gone wrong. Most people think diabetes is a problem of high blood sugar. High blood sugar is symptom of diabetes, but when you take it back a step you […]

How To Reduce Body Fat – 3 Vital Steps to Take

When people talk about losing weight, what they really mean is they want to lose excess body fat. However some people go on a starvation diet and really deprive themselves. They can lose up 7lb in a week, BUT little of that is actually fat! When you concentrate on losing weight rather than fat you […]